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Get an expert pool inspection to make sure there can be NO SURPRISES! Most people who purchase a resale dwelling with a pool don't realize the expense that might come up from hidden problems common to many older pools that have not been properly maintained. A POOL INSPECTOR can examine, estimate, and doc all repairs needed prior to the purchase of your property. Thus, giving the vendor the chance to appropriate the issue or low cost the price of the home.

a) The house inspection must include a physical examination of the pool to determine which, if any, of the seven drowning prevention features described in existing law it's geared up with.
b) The house inspection report must determine which of those drowning prevention features the pool is equipped with and particularly state if fewer than two are put in. SB 442

- POOL ALARM SYSTEM - The base Security Turtle 2.Zero base will sound when wristband comes in contact with water

- Child AND PET Security - This water alarm package was designed to your little one or pet's safety

- NO PROGRAMMING Needed - This simple system will have you ever up and running very quickly. Merely plug in the base inside 200 toes of the pool,...

- Secure WRISTBAND - The kids's wristband is band is cute and snug match with the latch and pull mechanism.

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